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Tadpoles Triple Layer Tulle Crib Skirt in White

I searched high and low for a crib skirt for my little love bug’s crib. I started to go slightly crazy because I did not know what kind I wanted. But, I did know I wanted something pretty, frilly, with tulle. Did I want 3 sided? 4 sided? 2 sided? I didn’t know. I wasn’t sure even when I bought the crib skirt which crib I was even getting. Then, I had drastic unrealistic thoughts about sewing my own skirt. HA! Yea right! Do I even have a sewing machine? Am I going to spend extra money on a machine just to make something I don’t know how to make? When I could have used that money to buy MORE BABY STUFF ON AMAZON.

I did a little searchy on and found my Tadpoles Triple Layer Tulle Crib Skirt

First I added the Pink one to the registry… then I said… hmmm maybe I like white too. So, I added both. Eventually after purchasing my crib, I decided on the white crib skirt. I used my Amazon Mom Baby Registry 15% off discount to purchase it along with hundreds of other products for this kid! She’s completely spoiled, and I’m only 7 months pregnant at this point.

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The skirt came in a neatly organized and folded package. I pulled it out it is sewn together as one piece. No velcro needed. I layed it down on the crib spring platform. I put the mattress on top and VOILA! It is beautiful.

I pulled all the skirting/tulle down to the floor (our crib is at the highest point right now and it still touches the floor beautifully).


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