JJ Cole Agility Stretch Carrier, Black, Large

JJ Cole Agility Stretch Carrier

Ok so on this one, I am going to need your guys’ feedback 100%. Please tell me if you recommend other carriers for babywearing because I want all the good ones. 🙂 I am OBSESSED with this baby carrier. My baby isn’t even here and I want to wear it all the time. If my puggle was smaller, I would carry her in this. It is so comfortable. I MEAN REALLY COMFY! I am willing to try any others too so please tell me what you like.

I got a large size because I don’t know what size I’ll get through this last trimester and I don’t know how quick I will bounce back. Story of a pregnant life right? I normally have a small C breast size and I’m usually more medium framed but I HATE tight things so I got a larger size to fit my comfort. There is plenty of room though for larger breast sizes. If you are a babywearing mama this baby carrier, baby wrap, baby sling is for you.

jjcoleagilitystretchcarrier_amazon_nursetomama_backview jjcoleagilitystretchcarrier_infant_amazon_nursetomama jjcoleagilitystretchcarrier_newborn_amazon_nursetomama jjcoleagilitystretchcarrier_amazon_nursetomama

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