DIY Sensory Board

So I never realized how putting a play room together can be super stressful and overwhelming. I wanted to have some DIY Sensory and educational elements in the play space as well as straight fun! 

We made this incredibly simple Sensory hardware board. We got all the supplies from Lowe’s. It was fun and didn’t take a lot of planning. One day we simply ventured to Lowe’s and walked down the aisles choosing fun items to place on the board. We originally planned to install the parts on a peg board or piece of plywood. Then we found this circular piece which I think was on an aisle with stair and leg posts. I’m assuming it’s a table top? 

Then we went home and it took less than 30 minutes to drill all the parts onto the board. Then daddy bear hung it on the wall. And voila! 

I’ll be lying if I say our small person took to it right away. She mostly looked at it and would randomly touch it but not engage. Then about 2 weeks later I caught a glimpse of her standing in front of it playing with various parts. Now she loves it and will play with it for quite a while at various times when she is in her play room. 

Super easy and simple. I plan to add a couple more items to it on our next trip to Lowe’s. 

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