Baby #2 is coming! 

Well now I am 22 weeks pregnant with baby #2. I can imagine how many thousands of mamas have said “where does the time go?” during this time. I recently posted a picture of my daughter saying “the days are long but the years are short.” It’s so incredibly true how you plan and organize and setup days and fun for your infant, baby, then toddler. Through all the fun everything just flies by. Then all of a sudden you’re pregnant and trying so hard to hang onto each minute. 

My daughter is still nursing which is a topic I’ll be discussing a lot as I blog more and more. The baby is developing great and all I can truly complain about at 22 weeks is my lack of sleep. The first time you’re pregnant you (hopefully) get a lot of sleep. You have time to imagine so many things about your baby. You (usually) have more time to plan and wonder and even worry. The next time, and I’m sure it gets crazier and crazier each time, you don’t have time for any of that. You are distracted by babies or toddlers or school aged people and you barely have time to enjoy your growing bump. This week was the first time I posted a picture of my bump because I’m so busy every single day. I’m sure many mamas can relate. 

I’m trying to now slow my mind to enjoy this last half of my pregnancy in a different way. And since we’re planning for this to be our final baby I really need to take a step back and savor these moments. 

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