Work Work Work Work


Life is work.

Marriage is work.

Motherhood is work.

Your career is work.

I think it’s safe to say that our entire lives are consumed by work in one form or another.

Today I am exploring my journey back to my work as a registered nurse. When my son was 5 months old I started back full-time. This entire time that I’ve been working I’ve had a tough time getting back to a balance. I’m not sure I’ll get there. I’m working hard at it though. I had so many stressors and I was so scared to go back. I also had a LOT of mom guilt because I was home with my daughter for over 2 years and now I was going to leave my baby at 5 months old.

5 months? Am I crazy?

Well then I started to think about all the moms who never get to be home with their babies. I started thinking of 6 week maternity leaves and how lucky I have been to be with my babies this long. I stopped feeling sorry for myself.

If I can offer any advice for moms going back to work it is one thing:

Give yourself grace!

Do not get down on yourself. Take deep breaths. Take one day at a time. Know that you’re NOT alone. This lifestyle we enter called: Motherhood is no joke, and whether we’re staying at home or working away from home or whatever acronym you put it with: we’re ALL working in one shape or form.

We have husbands we love and relationships to tend. We have babies to love on and mouths to feed. We have homes to clean, meals to prep. We have friends to call who are mad at us they’ve slid down the totem pole. We have bills to pay and tanks to fill. So many tanks!

Motherhood is hard and my transition from stay at home mom to working away from home as well mom has been a test in so many ways. I’m exhausted.

I work as a registered nurse caring for other people’s children all day long and go home to my children. I can list every negative thing that goes along with that. But at the end of the day I come home, I am grateful for my loves. I kiss my sleeping babies’ heads and hug my hubby and stop feeling sorry for myself.

Because again at the end of the day:

We’re all working moms.

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