Our First Nature Walk

Today marked the first day we went out into nature and purposefully walked it. We take different random walks. But this had more meaning. We are searching for a home for our new Wild + Free group. We have some amazing trails and parks in our area. We just have to go find them. So today I made it a point. Super nice crisp weather with minimal breeze or chill. The sun felt just right. We headed to the park and drove around it’s perimeter to check it out. Then we finally stopped got out and started to explore.

We plan to make Christmas tree ornaments from sticks and pieces we find on our walks. So the kids immediately started finding their sticks! We had a nature bag ready for them to put all their finds in. Reign found a fire pit and started to attempt to make a fire. This was absolutely adorable.

Then the kids found trash on our trail and just had to find a trash can to throw it in. A police officer happened to drive by so they went nuts waving at home before sprinting back to me on the trail. Then we found a gorgeous spot where the trail broke and a stream ran through.

We talked about safety and we slowly made our way down the tiny (to me) huge (to them) hill. The kids started splashing in the water and throwing leaves in the water watching them float down the stream. They giggled with excitement and I could tell this was a truly great idea this morning.

I am grateful for the pause I enjoyed as I walked the trail. My mind was fixated on how much I need to do. The shopping for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day food. The cleaning of my house regardless of the day. The LAUNDRY!! All of it! My husband’s voice in the back of my mind. We both tend to stress about similar things. And it all cleared on that walk.

The babies were so muddy! They fell over and over again. Navigating the fallen branches and trees and leaves is hard work. It’s hard for anyone let alone 2 kids under 4 years of age. They just had the best time though.

I’ve been researching nature walks and their importance for months now. Maybe even close to a year as we explore this homeschool journey. But I didn’t realize how absolutely important it truly is to connect with the outside.

Then today Reign picked a flower, not even on our walk, but later when we had lunch with our family. And in the car she handled it so preciously asking me if we could find a book to study the flower. My heart melted.

We set out today to simply explore a spot to bring our friends to. A spot for us to meet with our Wild + Free group. We left with quite a bit more.

Today was just what we needed.

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks. John Muir

We are so excited for our Wild + Free Journey.

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